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Yopza 5.01


Yopza is easy-to-use adult video search engine with content browser. Yopza.comも関連です.find youfile

ソフト種類: Freeware
日付追加: 2008-06-10
対応OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/3000
ファイルサイズ: 1.56MB
ソフト作者: Yopza, Inc


Yopza 5.01】の開発者説明

Yopza is easy-to-use adult video search engine with content browser.
Have a look at the huge feature list to get an idea of what this software is capable of doing. It contains ALL free adult movies availiable on the NET today.
Every second our server-side spider find new movie series and add to our database. Yopza does not waste any time searching. Yopza reads the Internet addresses from our database and downloads immediately. No time wasted on finding, filtering or processing the movies.
Yopza enables you to choose exactly what you want to download. Download new stuff every night, or look at the favorite ones you have already - whatever you fancy.
Yopza is self updated, so you get new movies permanently.
All movies are checked, described and categoriezed.
Yopza comes with an integrated high-quality video-player with much more functionality than Microsoft Media Player.
It uses multithreading technology, so many pictures or videos are downloaded simultaneous.
More that 100 adult niches
Any type of legal adult content, from classic to most pervert
All categories have description and fun anime thumbnail preview
All movies have a resizable thumbnail preview
Slider let you choose thumbnail preview size you want
Ability to view all thumbnail previews in equal size or keep aspect ratio
Every movies serie has manually made description

Advanced information about movies
Thumbnail preview
Manually made description
Size of each movie and total
Time duration of each movie and total
Screen dimension
FPS - number of frames per second
Availability of sound
Custom sorting options so series are displayed how you want
By date
By size
By time duration
By description (alphabetically)
By random
Custom settings of viewing browser
Ability to choose which information about movies will be shown
Ability to shows only thumbnails previews
No dead links or errors
Our robot is checking regulary all links, and delete dead links, errors or cheating
As far as possible we check links manually
No nasty popups
Ability to disable popup windows at all
Ability to disable popup windows appearing in defined number of seconds
Ability to disable java-script alerts and others annoying tricks
No flashing banners
Ability to disable any activeX scripts, flash and java-applets
No dialers
Yopza keep up pages with dialers which trying to install without your confirmation
No spyware
Yopza does not collect any information about your computer and your actions are confidential
Internal download manager

Very fast built-in download manager
Files are downloading in background mode
Multithreading technology
Ability to resume download
Auto-Complete feature continuously seeks out download sources, even after Yopza is restarted
Ability to set number of simultaneous download tasks
Ability to set connection timeouts separately for movies and thumbnails
Ability to set maximum, minimum sizes separately for movies and thumbnails
Ability to set maximum load time for separately for movies and thumbnails
Ability to pause single download task or all tasks
One-click download

Ability to download all media from serie by one click
Terrabytes of Porn!

Almost unlimited number of movies
Skins support

There are 38 skins to choose from
Every skin is fully customizable
Ability to use program without skin
Traffic statistic

Ability to view traffic separetly for movies and thumbnails of current session
Ability to view traffic separetly for movies and thumbnails of total usage
Ability to view traffic separetly for movies and thumbnails average per day
Built-in visual thumbnail preview maker
Ability to create(change) thumbnail preview by choosing any frame of movie
Built-in video player with many functions and modes

Full-screen mode
Desktop mode
Color controls
Sound controls
Digital zoom
Resizable with ability to keep aspect ratio
Multiple files playing simultaneous
Built-in WEB-browser

Full functionally web browser based on Microsoft Internet Explorer
More own features added

Ability to bookmark favorite pages
Favorites organizer
Ability to choose Yopza's start page

Fully customizable program interface

Program options: windows, fonts, grid colors, etc.
Editors: custom colors, fonts etc.
Toolbars for all program windows
Powerful Visual Options Module
Ability to change "Loading thumbnail" and "Failure thumnail"
All bars and panels are removable and minimazable
Ability to customize all menus and panels
Possibility of saving all the program settings
Ability to view all media from current page

Downloading movies from specified websites.

Archive organizer

Ability to organize folders with movies and get full information about them
Ability to import local movie file to Yopza
Ability select movies by download date, date range, before or after pointed date
Ability select movies by description filter and size filter
Built-in video & audio codecs manager

Ability to view installed codecs and change their properties
Ability to minimize Yopza to tray bar

Custom "User-agent" variable

Ability to specify how to identify Yopza on the Internet
Yopza can be configured to connect throught a proxy server

Enhanced content information

Full statictic of movie content - total and by category
Hot keys

All actions can be made using keyboard

Yopza.comも関連です.find youfile

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  • Yopza Yopza 5.01 [1.56MB | Freeware]

    Yopza is easy-to-use adult video search engine with content browser. Yopza.comも関連です.find youfile

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